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    Pet dogs often have a small brownish red sticky thing in the corner of their inner eyes. When the thing dries, it condenses in the corner of their eyes. The next day, something new brown and red will be produced, and it will condense in the corner of the eye. After a long time, the hair around the inner corner of the eye will change color. Dogs with large eyes and protruding eyes are easy to be irritated and injured, so special attention should be paid.

    Generally wash your eyes once a day to remove the dust and excrement in your eyes. For eye cleaning, use a damp cloth to gently wipe off the eye scale at the corner of the eye, or use a cotton ball with 2% borax water to wipe off the eye scale. Use tap water and eyedrops for eye wash. There are also dogs, such as Pekingese dogs and Lady dogs, whose eye glands secrete too much and often shed tears. The best way to clean the eyes is to take some eye drops or wash them with boric acid solution. Take 2G of boric acid powder and dissolve in 100ml of warm water to prepare 2% boric acid solution.

    For dry eye dirt, wipe it with wet cotton wadding. If dry cotton wadding is used, the cotton wadding will stick to the eye surface. To secrete too much secretion, can wash off with boric acid solution. Be careful when washing. If it drips on white hair, there will be stains left. We can first use a wet towel or a wet cotton stick to remove the dog’s eye excrement, and then drip boric acid water or normal saline from the corner of the eye, and then use cotton to wipe the tear spot, which will gradually lighten the color of the tear spot after a period of cleaning. But in doing so, be careful not to let boric acid water into the dog’s eyes. If you have eye disease, you should drop eyedrops or receive veterinary treatment in time.

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