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    If you have a bad smell or your dog often grabs his ears, pay attention. It’s probably something wrong with the ears. In order to keep the dog’s ears healthy, it’s a good way to clean the ear hair regularly. Ear hair must be removed on a regular basis. After each bath, you should also help it dry the water in the ear. Otherwise, the water and oil secreted by it will become a hotbed for bacteria growth. Dogs who often walk close to the ground outside are more likely to run into unclean things in their ears.

    If the dog’s ears are not clean and moist, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause inflammation inside the dog’s ears. Here’s how: turn the dog’s ears open, and gently press the ears to make the areas requiring ear hair more obvious. Sprinkle ear powder (for pets) on the dog’s ears to make each ear hair clearer and better plucked.

    The outer ear hair is first plucked with the index finger and thumb. After plucking the ear hair with your fingers, you can let the ear cleaning clip play. Please use it to carefully remove each ear hair. Because the structure of the dog’s ears is not a hole to the end, it is necessary to slightly adjust the direction of the ear cleaning clip to avoid hurting the dog! You should slow down as much as possible to avoid being rude and hurting your dog.

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