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    If you have a dog at home, you should do a good job of disinfection regularly, which can not only help the dog avoid being haunted by fleas, but also maintain the cleanness of the home environment. Following will lead his parents to see what are the precautions for family disinfection of the dog?

    Daily cleaning of the dog cage.
    1 Make sure to wear gloves. Wear gloves, take about a bottle of cap disinfectant, pour it into the basin, and then dilute it with water according to the reference proportion specified.

    2. Use a small brush to clean the dog cage. The dog cage is welded by fences in different directions. The joints between fences are easy to accumulate dirt, especially the bottom net.

    3. Wash with clean water after brushing. It should be noted that dogs like to lick everywhere. The disinfectant left on the fence is easy to be eaten by dogs by mistake, so it must be flushed several times.

    4. After washing, please remember to dry the dog cage in the sun for 1 hour. Ultraviolet radiation will double the sterilization effect!

    The utensils for daily cleaning of the food basin.
    Dogs’ daily meals must be fixed, and multiple dogs should not be mixed. The stainless steel material is the best, which is strong and easy to clean. After using it every day, use detergent to clean the residue of food and Teddy’s saliva, and soak it in disinfectant every week.

    Beauty products need to be cleaned. Beauty products, such as combs, scissors and thrusters, are easy to be forgotten. If the surface is not dirty, it is easy to be neglected. They are in direct contact with the dog’s skin, so when they are used, when they are in contact with the skin of other dogs, it is easy to mechanically spread skin diseases.

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