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    Fish are inseparable from water, and the quality of the water is highly related to the filter. Therefore, the aquarium filter is a very important equipment in the process of fish farming. There are usually two ways to deal with the waste in the aquarium, one is through bacterial decomposition, and the other is to change the water to pump away, and the filtration system also includes two aspects of physical and biochemical filtration.

    1. Upper filter: A filter tank placed on the upper part of the fish tank. It is supplied by a submersible pump or an off-water pump. It can pass through the drain port and allow the water to return to the aquarium. It is more convenient to maintain. However, this type of filter is not recommended for water tanks. It is also not recommended for use in breeding tanks and juvenile fish tanks, as the broodstock will be frightened and small fish will be sucked into the filter.

    2. Submerged filter: The filter box with filter cotton or deepened cotton is directly installed at the water inlet of the submersible pump, and the maintenance is simple, and the filtration equipment is cheap. It has both filtering and aeration effects, but its actual effect is not so ideal. After a long time, the effect of impurities will be reduced.

    3. Pneumatic filtration: The principle is to use gas lift to make water flow into the filter body for biological filtration process. The filtering effect is good, but it is generally used with physical filtering systems such as upper filtering. It is mostly used in small and small fish tanks such as small breeding tanks.

    4. External filter: barrel-shaped structure, the pump is generally placed in the barrel cover, there are two pipelines IN and OUT, through the IN port pipeline to draw water from the fish tank, physical and biochemical filtration process in the filter barrel, and then through The outlet pipe of the OUT port flows back into the fish tank. The filter body is large, but it is not easy to clean.

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