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    Autumn is also the season of mite infection. Generally speaking, the most common skin diseases of dog mites are divided into Demodex and scabies, which will not only cause skin diseases of dogs, but also damage the skin of owners if it is very serious.

    Demodex canis is a kind of small sacculus mite in Demodex family. Its size is about 40um*225um. It can be divided into three parts: front part, middle part and back part. The mouthparts are located in the front, in the shape of hooves. There are four pairs of very short feet in the headquarters. Each foot is composed of five sections. It is long and thin, and its surface makes up for the transverse lines. The whole development process of Demodex canis is carried out on the dog body, including four stages of egg, larva, nymph and adult, and three stages of nymph. Most of the Demodex canis parasitized in the upper part of the hair follicle, then transferred to the bottom, rarely in the sebaceous gland. In addition to parasitizing inside and outside the hair follicle, it can also live in the dog’s tissues and lymph nodes, and some of them are numerous.

    At the initial stage of infection, Demodex presents local infection symptoms, which are mostly found in eyelid and its surroundings, around mouth, nose, between toes, lower neck, and depilation, accompanied by mild flushing, dandruff, hyperpigmentation, thickening and rough skin, often followed by pyoderma and itching.

    A large area of skin under the neck of this dog is flushed and scratched at home. After scraping, it is confirmed that the infection of Demodex is typical sebum and scurf around the eyes, the lesions under the neck of the same dog The main symptoms of systemic demodicidosis are: local infection is not controlled, local spread, scattered depilation, multiple erythema and scales, resulting in secondary infection turning into more serious pyoderma, scratching, abscess, skin flushing and exudation. Clinically, there are three types of dogs infected with Demodex.

    First of all, we often see 2-3-month-old puppies, due to the poor feeding environment, female dogs with worms, infected puppies lead to skin diseases infected with Demodex. The new owner didn’t know much about the dog, which led to a delay in his illness.

    In addition, due to the defects of the immune system, the overgrowth of Demodex in the hair follicles of dogs, while the infection of Demodex with systemic infection is more common in miniature adult dogs. The author encountered a case of Maltese dog (detailed introduction) who was infected with Demodex all over the body, with red skin, multiple abscesses under the neck, armpit and abdomen, and severe seborrheic dandruff around the nose and eyes. After 2 months of continuous treatment, it was basically cured, but it recurred again after 4 weeks. Oral tablets were used, and the external drugs recovered for about 1 month. After that, high immune tablets were used to improve immunity and maintain control for 2 years. For this kind of dogs with low immunity, the treatment effect is not obvious compared with other dogs, and we should stick to the use of drug shampoo control, and improve their immunity to control the recurrence frequency and interval time.

    Finally, if the adult medium-sized or large-sized dogs are kept in poor environment and the owner finds it later, they will also have serious systemic infection. The author once met a 3-year-old Labrador dog who was infected with vermiform mite all over, with special oily odor, few hair off, serious dandruff, scabby skin covering 60% of the whole body area, and serious sebum around the eyes and face The scab is serious, the secondary infection is serious, and the original appearance of the dog cannot be identified. After 3 months of treatment, the original hair can be found to be black, and gradually normal after 6 months. The examination methods of these two kinds of infection are the same. We need to go to the hospital for skin scraping examination, that is to say, we have used skin sampling to observe under the microscope, and the sampling rate of many parts is generally high.

    The sunshine in autumn is not so exciting, but the rain in this autumn is easy to get wet. It is recommended that the dog with thick hair should be haircut regularly. The hair of 1-2cm is easy to dry, which also helps the owner to find skin diseases earlier.

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