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    Many dog owners think their dogs are fat and need to help them lose weight. But in fact, in the process of weight loss, our owners often make some mistakes. Following will help you to correct these mistakes and make the dog lose weight to achieve a better effect.
    Mistake 1. Make a weight loss plan by yourself to correct the problem. Unless the owner knows the dog’s body condition well, he / she will lose weight for the dog by himself. Not only the effect is not good, but also the risk may occur. Unscientific diet will damage the dog’s health. Excessive exercise may cause arthritis and heart disease.
    Mistake 2: The prescription food for obesity can’t reduce weight and correct obesity. Compared with the common dog food, the prescription food for obesity is a low calorie, high protein dog food specially designed for fat dogs. It contains selected high-quality protein, which ensures the good palatability of the prescription food, and can provide enough satiety for dogs in weight loss. More importantly, it will not cause muscle loss during weight loss, and can help dogs to lose weight healthily.
    Mistake 3: Dogs should eat more vegetarian diet, not meat. It’s very important for dogs to correct fat. Eating vegetarian diet, which is “zero fat”, can’t lose weight, but will destroy the dog’s body due to uneven nutrition. Too much cellulose will not only increase the burden of the dog’s intestine, but also may cause the excessive growth of bacteria in the dog’s intestine, causing constipation, diarrhea and other intestinal symptoms. Therefore, it is very necessary to feed prescription food for dogs according to the doctor’s instructions. It is a very challenging job for dog and cat weight loss owners to successfully reduce their weight.

    In the whole process of weight loss, pet owners are very important to the management and control of animals. Only according to the actual needs of animals, strictly control the intake of animals, increase the amount of exercise, and do a good job in monitoring the condition of pets, and persevere, can the pet owners achieve the expected results.

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