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    It may be that the injection site of dogs is not complete. Basically, all drugs have certain weak toxicity. Therefore, we have always stressed that the vaccination for dogs should be carried out in a healthy state. Of course, we should also pay attention to the fact that due to the individual differences of dogs and the methods of vaccination, dogs may have some adverse phenomena. For example, after the dogs are vaccinated, their spirit will appear to be somewhat poor, which is a normal phenomenon. Generally, it will be improved in a few days. In addition, some dogs will have other related problems after the vaccination.
    1. Starting at the injection site. Generally, dogs will have a bag after the injection of the vaccine due to inaccurate injection. But this problem is not big. We can use a hair dryer to blow around the bag for a period of time, or use a warm towel on the bag to accelerate the absorption of drugs. After a period of time, the bag will slowly disappear.
    2. In general, the probability of suppuration at the injection site is relatively low, because most of this is caused by the failure of disinfection before injection. But generally in the hospital injection, the doctor will use alcohol cotton ball to wipe the injection site before injection. So most of this happens to the owners who vaccinate their dogs. Some dogs suffer from mental disorder after vaccination.
    3. Local hair loss occurs after vaccination. This may be due to the puncture of blood vessels by the needle, which leads to embolism. The lack of blood supply to the hair follicle for a long time will lead to hair loss.
    4. Poor spirit. Some dogs will not have any adverse reactions after the injection of the vaccine, but some dogs with system deviation will have poor spirit and poor appetite, which is generally considered normal. After all, the vaccine itself is a virus, more or less will have a certain impact on the dog’s body. But this phenomenon will be improved in 2-3 days. If the dog looks depressed for several days in a row, it’s better to take the dog to the hospital for examination.

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