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    Diet should be easy to digest. No matter what kind of creatures, they will grow old. Although we are reluctant, our dogs will grow old with time. As we get older, our dog’s physical function will gradually deteriorate, and at this time, we need more careful care from the owner. There is a certain relationship between dog’s life span and breed, but more importantly, it depends on the way of feeding. Generally speaking, to judge the dog’s age is usually to observe their teeth. Generally speaking, as long as the dog is over 7 years old, even the old dog, the cat’s life expectancy is longer than the dog. An 8-9-year-old cat can be called an old cat. Besides age, it’s easy to see some changes in the dog’s appearance.
    When dogs get older, they need to go to veterinarians more frequently. They should have a physical examination at least once a year. This is an important job for the health of dogs. Although not every physical examination will check the problem, but in order to the dog’s health, the elderly dog needs regular blood test and urine test to check whether the body is healthy.
    Here’s a list of some health problems that dogs often have when they are old: Generally speaking, the older the dog is, the more problems will appear in his teeth, so it’s important to watch his oral health at any time. In terms of diet, we should also pay attention to that the selected food can be slightly softer than before, and also be easy to digest.
    It’s still necessary for dogs to exercise properly when they are a certain age. There will be various problems in their hearts. It’s better to let the veterinarian check their heart rate. If there are problems, you can ask them on the spot. The most vulnerable part of the elderly dog is the joint. Many dogs have the risk of arthritis at a certain age. With the dog’s aging, the demand for nutrition is also changing.
    As a dog owner, it is necessary to reduce the total calorie intake of the dog, increase the content of dietary fiber in the food, so that the dog can defecate smoothly. When dogs grow old, old and persistent diseases will cause more serious results. Therefore, more comprehensive and in place inspections should be made for dogs to detect whether they have cancer or organ deterioration in time. For old dogs, in addition to regular inspection, other measures are also necessary. According to the dog’s age and living habits, choose the right dog food, not to let the old dog eat too many calories.
    Increase the content of DHA and EPA in dog food: these substances can help dogs recover from arthritis and other joint diseases. If the dog has heart disease or kidney disease or diabetes, it can be fed prescription food. If you have heart disease, you need to choose low sodium dog food; if you have kidney disease, you need to control the content of calcium, phosphorus and other electrolytes in dog food. For different situations, it is better to consult a doctor first.
    Old dogs still need to exercise properly, which can slow down the degradation of their functions. But we should choose appropriate sports according to the actual situation, for example, for the old dog, it is better not to try climbing stairs, mountaineering is a kind of exercise with high pressure on the spine. If the dog itself has disease problems, we should take good care of it. If there are kidney failure, diabetes and other diseases, we must pay attention to the diet, which is the key.

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