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    In order to avoid rabies or infectious diseases of his dog as much as possible, most people will choose to help his dog to be vaccinated. Before the vaccination, the general doctor will ask whether the dog’s physical condition is normal recently, and will help him to measure whether his temperature is normal. This is because a good vaccine itself has a certain degree of weak toxicity. If it is not injected in a healthy state, it is likely to cause reactions. What are the common reactions of dogs after vaccination.

    Some dogs may have slight discomfort symptoms after the injection of the vaccine, because the vaccine itself is a virus processed by humans, which is less invasive. Some dogs may have symptoms such as poor appetite and low spirit after the injection of the vaccine. However, as the dog slowly adapts, it will generally be OK after 1-2 days, and the dog’s body will slowly return to normal. But if you don’t listen to the doctor’s advice, you may have more serious symptoms when the dog is not in good condition.

    If your dog have high fever, dry nose mirror, strong vomiting, blood urination, convulsion, rapid emaciation and other phenomena. Then we can’t hesitate to send them to the pet hospital for examination and treatment. Therefore, the vaccine must be injected when the dog is in good condition, otherwise it may have a reaction to make his dog infected with the virus, and he will regret it.

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