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    The process of cosmetology is relatively complex for people, but for Scottish Deerhound, cosmetology is to repair hair, or even simply comb and bathe. In fact, it’s not too much trouble to raise a Scottish Deerhound. Apart from feeding, the rest of the day is to care for the common facial features such as coat nails.

    Using nail brush to brush thoroughly every day is enough to keep it healthy and clean. The dirt and foreign matters can be easily combed down with a metal comb, and the mud can be quickly dried out, and can be removed with a slight shake. Keep a certain length of finger or toenail. If it is too long, there will be a harsh sound of scraping the ground when you move; but it cannot be too short. If it is not long enough, it cannot provide enough friction (friction is one of the driving forces in the running process of Scottish Deerhound). Although there is no need to decorate this strain, it is necessary to use a large Shearer to remove the dirty hair and dead skin every week. At the same time, it is also advisable to trim the tail hair gently. Check the teeth and ears frequently and remove the tartar and earwax to avoid inflammation. Some Scottish Deerhounds are prone to diseases such as door inflammation, so it’s important to keep the area around wangmen clean.

    As a participating dog, some preparations need to be done, such as bathing in advance; hard hair needs to be bathed with a proper amount of shampoo. The hair of Scottish Deerhound is soft and fluffy after washing. It will take several days to make it smooth. In order to participate in the exhibition, some people tend to pluck off the hair on their ears, some people tend to pluck off the messy hair on their abdomen to make the outline look fresh and tidy. There is no clear requirement here, but never pluck the sideburns on their heads.

    In a Scottish Deerhound, the foot is the only place where scissors can be used. Cut off the extra long hair between the leg pads and the toenail edge to show the leg contour more fully.

    The only problem that can be encountered in cosmetology is that sometimes the hair on the elbow is stiff and unsightly. At this time, a soft grass or cloth can be provided for the dog to lie down and flatten. If it still doesn’t work, spray some ointment or grease to soak the hair.

    Scottish Deerhound can walk into the exhibition hall confidently with only a brush and comb, because nature worship is particularly prominent in this strain. The owner who advocates natural beauty can consider this variety.

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