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    Many parents are more concerned about the dog’s appearance hair and visible parts of the face, but often ignore the health of the dog’s ears. The dog’s ears are different from people’s, the dog’s ears will keep long ear hair, and irregular cleaning is easy to block the air is one of the causes of otopathy. If the earwax accumulation does not clean, the ear hair does not pull out and wet does not dry, it will lead to infection.

    Always check your dog’s ears every day. If the dog is used to it, the touch of a professional beautician or doctor will make the dog feel more comfortable. Spend more time dealing with ear problems.

    1. First of all, check whether there are tangles and parasites outside the ears. The more inside, the more obvious these problems will be. Check the garbage and dirt in the ear canal, a little accumulation is normal. But if you find a large amount of red brown, striped, or smelly earwax, you need to ask the doctor for help!

    2. Then, check the ear hair. The ear hairs in the ear canal accumulate dirt, bacteria and water, which eventually leads to infection. Trimming will make the ears cleaner and more beautiful.

    3. When trimming the ear hair, first pull the ear back to the top of the head, and then stick it flat on the head. This will close small areas in the ear canal.

    4. For long haired dogs, pluck individual fur with fingers. If it’s difficult, dip your fingers in some ear powder to make it easier to grasp the ear hairs. Do not pull out two at a time, or it will cause pain. At this time, you can use ear hair tweezers to pull out ear hair one by one. Also, only one or two hairs can be pulled at a time.

    5. It is not easy to remove the ear hair of short haired dogs. On the contrary, you can use small blunt scissors to trim the ear hair.

    6. Sprinkle ear powder on susceptible ears.

    7. If there is heavy dirt on the ear, pull the ear out of the head gently to open the ear canal, and then inject a few drops of cleaning fluid or mineral oil. Massage the ear root, press the ear for one minute to make the detergent run down the ear canal, then release the dog to shake his head several times, so as to loosen the earwax, check the ear again, and then clean the earwax with a cotton ball or cotton stick soaked with ear washing water or mineral oil.

    8. The hair under the ear hole and inside the auricle of the dog with drooping ears needs to be cut short. This increases airflow and reduces the chance of infection.

    Don’t overlook on your dog’s ears, which can lead to otitis media or deafness and tinnitus. So regular cleaning is necessary. In fact, as long as you take a bath in the pet shop for a week, pet beauticians will operate it.

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