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    Skye Terrier is now in the hottest summer season, and many diseases will threaten the health of Skye Terrier. Therefore, it is not only reasonable to supplement nutrition for dogs, but also pay attention to the health status of dogs in summer.

    1. To bathe and groom the dog regularly. In summer, the dog needs to bathe diligently, especially for the dog who often goes out for activities. Their hair tends to tangle and accumulate mud and snow. After bathing, let their hair dry thoroughly before they go out. When it is inconvenient to take a bath with water, you can consider dry cleaning with pet specific dry cleaning shampoo. Be sure to brush the powder.

    2. To shorten the hair around the foot pad. Cutting the hair will help prevent the ground from slipping too much, resulting in insufficient friction with the ground to cause joint disease of the dog.

    3. Prepare for summer vacation for dogs with short hair, and don’t expose to the sun!

    4. Find the signs that dogs feel too hot in time. Dogs, like humans, get heatstroke when they feel too hot.

    5. Regularly expel the worms inside and outside the skey Island terrier. In summer, it is easy to breed parasites on dogs, which can cause serious skin diseases, even anemia.

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