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    Tea cup dog tea cup dog, originated in the United States, developed in Japan and South Korea, is a senior pet dog. Weighing less than 4 pounds, not more than 8 inches tall, gentle, lively, friendly, small, lovely and intelligent. It is loved by people. If we have one, how can we raise this “elf”?

    The life of puppies should be regular. Feeding should be regular and quantitative, and nutrition should be balanced. Pay attention to prevent vitamin excess (especially vitamin A or D) or calcium deficiency. Puppies should not eat too full, generally 7-8 points is appropriate.

    2. Environment. Pay special attention to the living temperature of teacup dogs, keep warm in winter and cool in summer; pay attention to ventilation and cool in summer. Clean and disinfect the room frequently to keep it dry and tidy.

    3. Health observation. Pay close attention to the condition of puppies’ stool and urine to judge whether it is normal. It is necessary to pay attention to the color, smell and insect body of puppies’ feces. The normal feces are strip like, moderately hard and soft, usually yellowish.

    4. Health care. Puppies should not touch the ground for a long time on the abdomen, which is easy to cause diarrhea or cold. Puppies are afraid of the cold. No matter in summer or in winter, they should keep warm. The young dog’s skeleton is not fully developed. Walking for a long time can lead to the deformation of the limb bone. Its resistance is poor. When the air condition is not good, outdoor activities should be reduced. When the outdoor weather is suitable, let the puppies bathe in sunlight, which is conducive to bone growth.

    5. Precautions: 1. Reduce the number of baths, especially for the newly purchased teacup dog, do not bathe with water. Dry clean once every five days with dry cleaning powder. Brush more for a while. 2. The teacup dog should be groomed and sheared from 4 months old, such as the lady dog. If you go outside to decorate, you must choose a beauty shop with good conditions and high reputation, which can prevent the spread of disease and cross infection, because in April, puppy immunity is still very fragile. For a hard haired dog, you can pluck a little back hair at home every day to promote its growth.

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