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    Do you, as the owner, always fail to understand the meaning behind the dog’s strange actions? Can’t you fully understand the mood represented by dog movements? Following will introduce you to the dog’s happy, angry and sad behaviors. Parents who don’t know their dogs, learn to keep them closer to you!

    Dogs are happy:
    1. When their eyes are excited, they have bright eyes and look at something that makes them very interested. Their eyes are usually smart. Never look away when you are confident or want to be trusted.

    2. Ear. When the ears are pasted back but very soft, they are happy or coquettish.

    3. Tail. When a dog shakes its tail or raises its front leg and lands on the ground with only its back leg, it means that it is very happy now.

    4. Roll. The dog rolls in front of people, which means “you are my master, I listen to you”.
    5. When the dog is happy, he likes to jump and “laugh”: his mouth is slightly open, his teeth are exposed, his nose is wrinkled, his eyes are soft, his ears are drooping, his mouth is humming, his body is wriggling gracefully, and his tail is wagging.

    Dog is angry:
    1. Eyes. When angry, the pupils open, eyes hang up, and become terrible eyes.

    2. Ears. Two ears are horizontally divided on both sides of the head to indicate unhappiness. Further, if two ears are pasted back strongly, it means that he has been enraged and is about to launch an attack. At this time, he must protect himself and not look into his eyes.

    3. Tail: At first, the tail will hang down when it is in danger. If it is enraged, it will hang down.

    4. The body is arched and ready to attack.

    Dog is sad:
    1. Eyes. The head is generally on the ground, looking up a little idiot like whale eyes. At this time, the dog said, I am not comfortable, I want to stay alone for a while and do not disturb me.

    2. Ears. When the dog is afraid, he will stick his ears back and his ears on his head. The whole face becomes a ball. When the owner is angry with the dog, the dog will show this expression to sell cute and win sympathy. Often at this time, the owner can’t help laughing at the dog at home.

    3. Tail. Silence is the dog’s usual way of expressing grief. Grief often looks down at the owner or hides in the corner.

    4. When the dog is in a bad mood, the owner can use the method of caress to convey the information of love to the dog and give it strong support. When touching a dog, don’t touch it suddenly from behind, which will surprise most dogs and arouse their orientation instinct.

    Dog is happy:
    1. Eyes are leisurely and contented, dog will blink gently, which is a bit like the way people want to sleep, especially in Chihuahua, because their big eyes are watery.

    2. Ears will stick together in a leisurely way

    3. Tail is related to the breed of dog, but it usually stands up.

    4. Limbs are in a relaxed state. Like the master when she is coquettish, she will stretch her arms and legs, like stretching. When a dog stands in front of his master with his head held high, it shows his loyalty to others: “you see, I’m protecting you, how alert I am!”

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