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    Dog parents who have never had a dog usually take the dog to the pet shop for beauty treatment. In fact, we can also give the dog beauty treatment at home. Following will introduce you the tips of dog beauty treatment.

    Grooming: Groom the dog every few days. It depends on the length of the dog’s coat. Combing can help the dog to untie the knot on the coat, balance the oil secretion of the skin and remove the dead skin. Of course, you can also enhance feelings with the dog through this time. After taking the dog home, get used to grooming as soon as possible, and then he will see it as a part of his life. Long haired dogs such as Afghan hounds, magic angels and Lhasa dogs need to be groomed daily to maintain their shape. The golden retriever and the Lovina can be combed once or twice a week.

    Bath: Dogs should take a bath every four to eight weeks. If your dog is less than eight weeks old, ask your veterinarian before taking a bath because they are susceptible to colds or certain beauty products. And every time before taking a bath for a dog, you should comb your hair first, because if it has knots, it will only get tighter after wet water.

    Nail clipper: A dog eight weeks old needs to have his nails clipped every other month. Cut it bit by bit at a time. If it’s too big to use the dog’s nail clipper to help the dog, it can be used by people instead.

    Ear Wash: Wash the dog’s ears once a week. Use some cotton ball with detergent to wipe his ears. Some long eared dogs, such as Lady dogs and curly dogs, need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the ears to ensure that they are clean, tasteless and pink.

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