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    For many breeds of dogs, due to the long-term drooping of ears, it is easy to have ear problems, so home care of ears has become an indispensable task for the owner. How to help dogs care for their ears in daily family? Xiaobian will teach you.

    1. Dog earwax cleaning. For dogs without serious earwax, cleaning is relatively simple. First, gently remove the hair around the dog’s ears with your hand, dip some glycerin in with a cotton stick, smear it on the dog’s external ear canal, then knead the dog’s ear with your hand and massage the ear root, and then wipe it with a cotton stick or small cotton ball.

    2. Alcohol cotton ball disinfection. If the earwax is too much and too hard, the outer ear canal must be disinfected with alcohol cotton ball first, and then 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid water (you can also go to pet shop or pet hospital to buy special pet ear drops) should be dripped on the earwax. After the dried earwax softens, take it out gently with small tweezers.

    3. Concentrate on the forceps. Pay attention that the forceps should not be inserted too deep. At this time, your energy should be highly concentrated. If the dog shakes his head, take out the forceps quickly, so as not to stab the tympanic membrane or the mucous membrane of the ear canal. The dog’s ears are very thin. Please be careful when cleaning them.

    4. Treatment of ear canal inflammation. For dogs with ear canal inflammation, go to the pet hospital to buy special anti-inflammatory ear drops, three times a day, two to three drops at a time. But if it’s not good after a few days, you should go to the hospital.

    5. Cleaning the dog’s ear hair. The so-called cleaning the ear hair is pulling the ear hair, not pruning. Because if it’s just pruning, the hair root will remain in the skin, and the short ear hair will continue to grow. With the appearance of new ear hair, the inner ear hair will become more and more, which will not clean the ear hair at all.

    6. Tips for plucking ear hair. When plucking ear hair, grasp a small handful of ear hair and pull it off quickly. You can imagine that there will be some pain in this process, so the dog will feel uneasy.

    7. Ear powder can reduce pain. Special ear powder for dogs can make this process easier. Squeeze some ear powder into the inner part of the ears before plucking, and then rub it with your hands. The cool ear powder with mint can relieve the dog’s tension and reduce the dog’s pain.

    8. Ears should not be damaged. Healthy dogs should not have wounds or gaps in their ears, which are sensitive to sound. Open the auricle, clean the ear canal without sticky secretion, no smell, and the inner color of the ear is pink.

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