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    The fish tank is actually a miniature ecosystem, which not only builds a comfortable home for the fish, but also gives us the opportunity to get in touch with nature. But the fish is very delicate, we must maintain this ecosystem, we must take good care of it, And how to keep the daily maintenance of the fish tank?

    Fish tank maintenance is divided into daily and one to two weeks of maintenance. The first thing we should do every day is to ensure the height of the water level, and the evaporated water should be replenished in time to maintain a stable water level. Check whether the equipment is operating normally and keep the light on. In addition to the above, we should also care about the health of the fish to see if the fish are normal.

    Maintain an appropriate temperature, and feed feeding should be regularly quantitative. To maintain the proper temperature required by the fish, check the health of the fish, mainly to see if the fish is in a diseased state.

    The water needs to be changed every one to two weeks, but it should be noted that the water cannot be changed completely. It only needs to change about a quarter of the water. The water should have a stable salinity and PH value. The best water is Let stand a day in advance. After changing the water, seawater must be added in time. Then clean up the waste collected from the nitrogen generator and replace the filter ecological cotton.

    The water flow must ensure a strong circulation. Because the nitrifying bacteria in the fish tank need to consume extremely high oxygen during the nitrification process, how to send sufficient oxygen and organic matter to be decomposed in the water into the filter material in the process of water circulation to allow nitrification Bacteria can effectively break it down, which is an important consideration for designing circulating water flow. The powerful water flow can replace all parts of the fish tank, which can make the water quality more uniform and the fish more adaptable.

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