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    The body odor of dog is nothing more than the four problems of bathing, excretion, oral cavity and fart. Many owners will take the dog to bath when it stinks, and some even wash it twice a week. This is not only bad for the dog deodorization, but also easy to destroy the dog’s body balance, leading to the dog’s immunity decline. So how can we effectively deodorize dogs?

    1. Reasonable bathing of dogs. regular and reasonable bathing of dogs can effectively reduce the body odor of dogs, generally 1-2 times a month in winter and once a week in summer. Don’t bathe the dog too often, it will hurt the dog’s skin.

    2. The dog’s excretion problem. Training the dog not to excrete in the room can also greatly reduce the dog’s taste. After all, compared with the smell of dog’s stink and urine, the smell of dog is insignificant.

    3. The dog’s mouth smell. If the dog eats wet and soft food for a long time and the owner doesn’t brush the dog’s teeth often, it is easy to form tartar and make the dog’s mouth stink. Therefore, we should feed less wet and soft food to avoid touching the dog’s teeth, and brush the dog’s teeth regularly.

    4. The smell of dog’s fart. This mainly refers to the smell of dog’s anal gland. Regular cleaning of dog’s anal gland will also reduce the smell of dog’s fart, but not too often, once a month.

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