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    If the dog’s health reasons are excluded, the most important basic skill is to pay attention to cleanliness. In addition to breaking each corner, the bleach, alcohol and white vinegar available at home can also easily eliminate the odor caused by dogs.

    1. White vinegar: Add 100ml of white vinegar into 5L of clear water to wipe the wood floor stained with urine, which can eliminate the smell of dog urine.

    2. Bleach water: Mop the floor with bleach water diluted 400 times (about one bottle of bleach water plus one bucket of water), to remove the peculiar smell on the marble or tile floor. When urine touches the seat cover, remove the cover immediately, throw it into the washing machine, and add bleach according to the instructions.

    3. Deodorant products: Pet deodorant drinks, pet toothpastes, aromatics, etc. can also be bought in pet goods stores, which also have effect on odor elimination. Why does the smell still linger after taking a bath? Dogs are fragrant and clean at home. Why do they still smell like dogs? In fact, the following two reasons are the most important but most often ignored, which can not dissipate the dog’s smell in the home, excluding that the dog itself is the source of odor; A. Indoor ventilation: indoor ventilation is often the biggest main cause of odor stagnation. The circulating air can take away the unpleasant odor and bring fresh air, so when you are at home, you may as well open the window, or turn on the electric fan or exhaust fan. B. Dog dandruff is not cleaned up: as long as the dog hair and dandruff composed of protein are not cleaned up, it will stink and form the source of odor. In order to thoroughly remove dog hair, in addition to the vacuum cleaner, you can also cover the unused stockings on the broom, you can clean the dog hair on the floor.

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