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    Compared with the Bichon dog, sometimes it will also have hepatitis, especially the bear pup under 1 year old, if it has a higher mortality. The dog with virus is the source of infectious hepatitis virus. The virus has strong resistance, can survive in low temperature for a long time, and still has pathogenicity in soil after 10-14 days. The following dog disease column will introduce the diagnosis points and preventive measures of bixiong infectious hepatitis for you.

    Clinical symptoms of infectious hepatitis in beagles: Although infectious hepatitis can occur in any season, it occurs more in winter, and the incidence of infectious hepatitis in beagles under 1 year old is higher than that in puppies.
    1. The initial symptoms of infectious hepatitis are similar to those of canine distemper. The disease is characterized by depression, loss of appetite, increased thirst, and even two forelimbs immersed in water.
    2. Then the body temperature of the beagles increased to over 40 degC and lasted for 4-6 days. Vomiting and diarrhea are common. If there is blood in vomit and feces, the prognosis is poor. Most dogs have pain in the sword cartilage. 7-10 days after the disappearance of the acute symptoms, some dogs’ corneal opacity disappeared after several days. There are bleeding spots in the gingiva.
    3. Although the disease is called hepatitis, jaundice rarely occurs. If there is no secondary infection, it usually returns to normal within a few days.

    Treatment and prevention measures of infectious hepatitis in bixiong dogs:
    1. Isolate the sick dogs as early as possible and treat them with high immune serum or adult dog serum once a day, 10-30ml each time. In addition, 20-40 ml of 50% glucose solution, 250 mg of vitamin C or 15-20 mg of adenosine triphosphate should be injected intravenously for 3-5 days. Take gantaile tablet orally. To control drinking water, 5% glucose saline can be given to beagles every 2-3 hours.
    2. Prevent injection. Five canine attenuated vaccine (rabies (detailed introduction), canine distemper, parainfluenza, infectious hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis) and two canine hepatitis and enteritis vaccines. Dogs 30-90 days old were inoculated three times, and dogs over 90 days old were inoculated two times, every time interval was 2-4 weeks. Dosage for each injection: 5ml for Wulian vaccine, 1ml for Bilian vaccine, and one year’s immune period can be obtained.
    3. At ordinary times, we should do a good job in kennel sanitation, self breeding and self breeding, and it is strictly prohibited to mix with other dogs.

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