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    The intestines and stomachs of Corgi dogs are also notoriously bad. There are often cases of irregular stools. Normally, the stools of Corgi dogs should be strips of moderate hardness and softness. The color should not be too deep or too light. If the defecation does not take shape, it may be that the body is abnormal. What should we do? Is it a cold for a corgi dog to have an irregular stool?

    1. Change dog food. Corgi dogs only eat a single dog food for a long time, and change dog food at intervals to ensure the nutrition balance of Corgi dogs. If the dog’s food is suddenly replaced with a new one, the intestine and stomach of the corgi dog are not used to it, which may cause the poop to not form. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to certain methods to change dog food. A little mixing and changing will lead to a process of self-regulation. It’s normal that poop does not form during dog food change. Parents can observe more. It’s not caused by dog food change for a long time.

    2. When the weather becomes cold and cool. During the season change, the weather is changeable, and suddenly it becomes cold. The corgi dog may catch cold and cold, which leads to irregular stool. If it’s not very serious, you can give the Corgi a cold powder, eat light, keep warm, and the Corgi will recover by itself. If it is serious, it needs to be treated in time.

    3. Gastrointestinal diseases of dyspepsia. Corgi dogs are relatively vulnerable to gastrointestinal diseases. If they are fed irregularly for a long time, it may cause symptoms such as dyspepsia and gastroenteritis in Corgi dogs. If the symptoms are mild and there is no serious laxity, you can take some tablets for dogs to help them digest.

    Finally, in the case of a bad stomach, you can give the corgi dog some liquid food, or you can give the dog some soft food, so as not to affect the digestion.

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