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    The elderly dog will greatly reduce in digestive function and tooth firmness, so we need to pay special attention to the diet of the elderly dog, do not let the dog suffer from disease due to their own negligence, which will threaten the dog’s life. So what are the dietary precautions for the elderly dog? Following will show you a brief introduction.

    Adjust the dog’s diet according to the age. After the dog enters the old age, it also needs to make a great adjustment in diet. The biggest change is to reduce the calories in the dog’s diet, because the amount of exercise and physical and mental activities of dogs in this age group are reduced. In other words, the energy consumption of the dog body is less than before.

    Generally speaking, the energy consumption of the dog body at this stage is about 20% lower than before. However, energy reduction, nutrition still need to be balanced, only nutrition balance, dogs can really maintain physical and mental health. The physical condition of a dog directly determines its diet. At this time, the dog’s teeth are no longer suitable for gnawing bones. The owner should prepare some soft food for the dog. Raw meat is not easy to digest and is not suitable for old falcons. Therefore, if the owner chooses the raw food recipe, he must make some adjustments. Therefore, no matter what kind of diet the dog used to have, it should be adjusted accordingly when he is old. Fortunately, dog food companies have done a lot of research and made a lot of food for old dogs. The owners can choose according to the dog’s physical condition.

    Because of the teeth of old dogs, it is not suitable to give them hard food. The food to be fed should be relatively soft. However, it should be noted that the soft food is easy to attach to the teeth, and the dogs are not easy to clean their own teeth. Therefore, the owners should help the dogs clean their teeth regularly, otherwise it will easily cause calculus. Once the calculus is serious, it is likely to cause calculus Causes the dog’s tooth to fall off, affects the dog’s life.

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