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    They are friendly, cheerful, active, athletic, love to work and please their owners, and are exactly the same as silver fox and Samoye. But they originated from European pamberian dogs. They did not move from Europe to the United States until nineteenth Century, and they were called the Eskimo Dogs. By the way, if the American huskies don’t get enough exercise, they will become active and neurotic in the aisles and keep turning around! In addition to the American huskies, they have a relative, the Canadian huskies, which are typical sled dogs with a big body, stable appearance and a heavy and strong momentum. Wool color can be any color, no one wool color or pattern dominates. Canadian Eskimo is a kind of working dog from the north, and it is regarded as one of the oldest and rare purebred dogs in North America.
    However, it has become very rare now! And Samoye is a member of fox dog and sled dog family, from Siberia, which is a breed of native Samoyed. They look like they are smiling forever, and they like to be close to people, so they are called “smiling angel”. They used to have a variety of hair colors, such as black, black and white, black and brown, etc. but in the 19th century, fur traders thought that white would be the most popular and exported white Samoyed dogs to Europe and America in large quantities, so today’s pure Samoyed dogs are mostly white.

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