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    Alaskan dogs can’t speak. They need to transmit information mainly through barking, expression and body language. Different body movements represent different meanings, such as happiness, atmosphere, fear, sadness, depression and so on. The body language is different. Here’s about the Alaskan sled dog body language for you to decrypt

    Alaskan dogs will “laugh” when they are happy. When excited, the Alaskan sled dog will swing its tail vigorously and jump high, which is the most common expression. In addition, the dog’s expression, its nose is full of wrinkles, the upper lip is opened, the teeth are exposed, the eyes are slightly closed, the eyes are gentle, the ears are extended backward, the mouth is gently opened, the nose makes a hum, the body is gently twisted, the whole body is smooth and does not stand up, the tail is gently swung, close to people.

    When the Alaskan dog is unhappy, its body language and expression are similar to those of “happy”. For example, it raises its nose, opens its upper lip and exposes its teeth. The difference is that its eyes are wide, its eyes are sharp, and its ears are tilted backward. Note that at this time, the dog will press down and keep a certain distance from people.

    If you find that his forelimbs are down and his body is doing it later, it means that he may be about to launch an attack. When the Alaskan dog is afraid, it will find that its tail is drooping, and it will be sandwiched between its legs. Its ears will be stretched back, its whole body will be bristled, its eyes will be round, its whole body will twitch and tremble, it will not stand or move its limbs restlessly, and it will retreat in fear.

    If the Alaskan dog is sad and worried, its head will droop, its eyes will become dull, it will be close to the owner, and it will look at the owner with poor begging eyes. More of the time is sad, do not like sports, like to hide alone in the dog’s Kennel secretly hurt themselves.

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