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    Alaskan sled dogs live in very cold and low areas all year round, so they are covered with a very thick layer of hair to keep warm in the cold. Like other pet dogs, Alaskan sled dogs lose their hair for many reasons. When Alaska shedding its infancy and enters its mature stage, its fetal hair will gradually fall off and grow into mature villi and coarse hairs. This belongs to the normal physiological hair loss of Alaskan sled dogs, which is inevitable. At this time, parents need to strengthen the care of Alaskan puppies, comb their hair and massage their bodies several times a day, strengthen the nutrition management of food, and promote the health and luster of new hair.

    In spring and autumn, Alaskan sled dogs will also have normal physiological hair shedding.
    In winter, the dog will take off the fresh and thin summer hair and grow warm and comfortable fluff.
    When summer comes, dogs will take off their warm down and grow cool summer fur. This situation can not be avoided. It also needs the care and management of parents to promote the healthy growth of new hair.

    In addition, parasitic dermatosis and fungal dermatosis are also the main causes of hair loss in Alaskan sled dogs. At the same time, the lack of nutrition, the extraction of protein, vitamins and other nutrients; excessive salt intake; endocrine disorders and other reasons will lead to Alaskan hair loss. To avoid these abnormal shedding, parents need to make a scientific diet, life and sports plan, reject all the causes of shedding, so as to ensure that Alaskan sled dogs will not have abnormal shedding.

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