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    Compared with Poodles, Yorkshire or Chihuahua, the Border Collies are quieter. Of course, this does not mean that they will always be their “beautiful men” or “beauties” quietly. They just don’t often shout, so under what circumstances will the Border Collies barking? What if the Border Collies barking?

    1. Under what circumstances Border Collies will cry. Border Collies will cry in many situations, such as when they are very happy, when they feel threatened, when they feel lonely, they will also cry and so on. To keep the dog quiet, the owner must know why the dog is shouting.

    2. In fact, there are some reasons why Border Collies love barking. After knowing the reasons, the owner needs to solve the problem in a proper way. For example, when some dogs first arrive in the new environment, they will cry because of the reasons of not adapting to, being afraid, etc., at this time, the owner can comfort the dog’s uneasiness by accompanying the dog more and playing with them If the owner wants to go out, he can leave a dress with your smell at home, so that even in the new environment, the dog will feel familiar with the smell, and they will not shout.

    3. Injuries will also make dogs bark. If dogs cry abnormally in familiar environment, the owner should be alert immediately. They may cry because of illness or injury. Taking dogs to the pet hospital in time can avoid many problems!

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