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    In our daily life, it’s not difficult to find that dogs will find strangers far away, so they will shout in that direction. Especially at night, we can’t see clearly at all. They can still find strangers in the distance in time. Do dogs have good eyesight? We can’t help but wonder why they can find others so far away?

    Many people are also concerned about the dog’s eyesight. Compared with humans, dogs have about three-quarters the vision of humans. In all animal species, the dog’s vision is about in the middle. But dogs have a special ability to detect moving objects; they can detect 70 moving lines per second, while the average TV picture line moves about 60 lines per second. When the light is dim, the dog’s eyesight is better than the human’s. Dogs are born predators and live by hunting, so they also have considerable vision in the dark. The dog’s eyes can see short wavelengths of color, so at sunrise or sunset, the dog can see better than the man. But in the darkness for which there was no light, the dog could not see.

    In addition, the cornea of the dog is also large, allowing more light into the eye, so it is easier to see things in the dark place. Not only do dogs have about 1200 times higher olfactory sensitivity than humans, but they also have about 16 times higher hearing than us. With these two advantages, they can find strangers in the distance very well.

    In fact, dogs’ vision is not particularly good, but they have more developed olfactory and auditory nerves, so that they can find things well and identify their positions.

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