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    Although the dogs can’t speak, they can express themselves in many ways, not only words. Actions, expressions, behaviors and so on can help you find something. Today we are going to talk about whether dogs have possessive psychology.

    Dogs have a strong possessive mind. Under the domination of this possessive psychology, it shows the common territorial behavior of people. Because of this, dogs have the ability to protect apartments, homes, patrol homesteads, protect property and owners. The dog said that the most common way for him is to urinate to mark his odor. At the same time, in the kennel where multiple dogs are kept, the dogs will occupy a certain space according to their order. Even in a small land, there must be a fixed sleeping place. Some possessive dogs will enter the empty kennel at will and check it. Dogs attach great importance to the protection of their own fields. It has a strong desire to own all kinds of property in its own field, including the owner, the owner’s home and the things used by the dog itself (such as the dog bed, mat grass, food basin, etc.).

    Because of this, it is very effective to keep a dog in a house. During the breeding period, the male dog does not like to be close to the place where he and his mother live. It seems that he is afraid of being taken away from his beloved wife, which shows that the male dog also has possessive psychology towards his mother dog. The possession psychology of dogs often leads to the field struggle between dogs. In addition, it is because the dog has possession of the owner that the guard dog can bravely fight against the enemy and protect the owner.

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