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    With the gradual increase of age, the dog’s various physical functions will gradually degenerate, and their body resistance will correspondingly reduce. We know that exercise is a good way to slow down the aging of the body, but whether the dog is more and more suitable for exercise or not, the old dog must exercise.

    The dog’s exercise also needs to be adjusted according to the dog’s age. It is important for dogs to give some mental stimulation after they enter old age. Because dogs of this age are prone to slow down, if you exercise properly, you can also slow down the phenomenon of slow down to a certain extent. Many toys are specially designed for old dogs. On the one hand, these toys can exercise the dog’s brain, on the other hand, they can also reflect whether the dog’s reaction power has declined. Some toys are very original in design, and there are some small rewards in the middle. Dogs must think and work hard to get the small rewards in the middle of toys. If dogs have symptoms of slow brain response, they can try such toys. If the dog has vision and hearing problems, you can choose to bounce up a toy ball with light or sound.

    With the growing age of dogs, their physical fitness will become worse, so exercise is a good way to ensure their physical health. However, we should pay attention to the amount of exercise, otherwise, once the load exceeds the dog’s body, it will not strengthen their physical fitness, but will cause harm to them. We must keep these problems Meaning.

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