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    We know that people will emit some smell when they are old, and the smell of the same dog will gradually increase when they are old. Generally speaking, the best way to remove the dog’s body odor is to wash and clean them. Does the old dog need to wash regularly? In general, it is not recommended to take a bath frequently for dogs in their infancy, adulthood and old age.

    In the old age, the sebaceous glands of dogs will have more secretions to keep the skin healthy, but in fact, dogs do not get healthy skin because of this, which is either too oily or too dry, and there will be an unpleasant smell, that is, we call “dog smell”. British beagles are particularly prone to suffer from such skin problems. Although the smell of old dogs will grow, they can’t often bathe for dogs.

    Generally speaking, they should be washed regularly but not frequently. Because too frequent bathing will not only damage the protective layer of the dog’s coat, but also make the dog’s skin resistance worse, and more likely to be infected with skin diseases. So even if the dog’s body odor becomes heavier, we should not increase the frequency of bathing the dog. If we really think the dog’s body odor is too big, we can use some dry cleaning powder to temporarily mask the dog’s taste. Everything is based on the dog’s health.

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