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    Different dogs have different barking degrees because of their different personalities. Do Pugs like barking? Generally speaking, a pug is calm and calm, so it usually doesn’t bark at random. But in some special cases, they also bark loudly. Following will show you when a pug will become a barking dog under what circumstances.

    Under normal circumstances, a stable and calm Octopus does not bark very much. However, if the pug is too excited, it may bark a few times. In addition, all kinds of scares also make the barking of Pago dogs, such as thunder counting, doorbell ringing, firecrackers, which are the scarier sounds of Pago dogs. So when it hears these sounds, it’s scared and starts barking. In addition to the above reasons, the barking of a barking dog threatened by the enemy, of course, is for its own courage, and also hopes to scare off the enemy by barking. At the same time, a pug barks loudly when it’s in heat, often in the middle of the night.

    Barking is a normal physiological reaction. Unless it is to sterilize the dog and prevent it from estrus, it is better to face it with a tolerant attitude. As long as it is not too much, don’t stop it too much. In general, when barking, parents can stop barking with the master’s command tone. Especially for those naughty and barking dogs, parents must be strict and resolute in stopping them. In the face of those barking dogs because of fear, fear, parents should give them more tolerance and tolerance, to better calm their fear and tension, and let the dogs slowly recover the calm state of mind is more important.

    So generally speaking, the pug is still a quiet dog, but when they are frightened or in estrus, they will also have barking problems, and what we have to do is to find different solutions according to different situations.

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