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    The marine fish is very beautiful, and its shiny appearance also attracts many aquarium enthusiasts to raise, but people have heard that the breeding of marine fish is very difficult. First, the water quality environment is a problem that needs to be considered. Marine fish have been living in the sea before, then Do we use seawater to feed seawater fish ourselves?

    Of course, “marine” is necessary to raise marine fish. Natural seawater is of course the most suitable for breeding. However, due to environmental pollution, using seawater drawn from the sea is not the most appropriate method, and even if the natural seawater you collect is very good It is also necessary to filter the system when feeding marine fish, because after all, it is immobile “dead water”. During the feeding process, fish feces, waste discharged from the surface, and residual bait will be converted into ammonia in a short time. (NH3) or ammonium (NH4+), they are all toxic. The water contains 0.1ppm ammonia, and marine fish may be injured. When the ammonia is higher than 0.3ppm, many fish will be poisoned. Unlike seawater, seawater is rich in minerals and trace elements, and its composition is more complicated. This is why seawater fish are more difficult to raise than freshwater fish. Metal containers must not be used for containers that store seawater, because these metal ions It will dissolve in the water and harm the health of the aquarium. Secondly, it should be sealed and stored in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight. After about one month, the dirt deposited on the bottom of the container is filtered out, and then it can be placed in the aquarium after being irradiated by the ultraviolet sterilization lamp. Without a good filtration system, it is impossible to raise marine fish for a long time. 

    And don’t try to feed ornamental fish with seawater that temporarily raises seafood. That kind of salt does not have many trace elements. In fact, configuring artificial sea salt is very simple and safe. Therefore, the use of “artificial seawater” is the most convenient way.

    As a result of long-term research abroad, the “artificial seawater” that is closest to natural seawater has been manufactured, just dissolve in a certain proportion of tap water according to the instructions on the packaging. The best artificial seawater should have all the “major elements” (MAJOR ELEMENTS), minor elements (MINOR ELEMENTS) and “trace elements” (TRACE ELEMENT) contained in natural seawater. The main elements are sodium, magnesium and calcium , Potassium, sulfur, chlorine, etc.; minor elements include bismuth, carbide, silicon, iodine, lithium, fluorine, molybdenum, strontium, and phosphorus; these elements can make marine life live long, healthy, and remain in natural The original colors in the ocean, the prevention of diseases and the increase in the chances of reproduction are all very helpful. The nearly 70 kinds of trace elements are of great help to the metabolism and water quality of marine organisms.

    We can know the salinity of water by measuring the specific gravity. When the water temperature is 25~26C, the specific gravity 1.022~1.023 is equivalent to 3.3% salinity. The specific gravity meter is very easy to buy in the aquarium market, and it is very cheap. There are floating, box and optical, not too high-grade, as long as the quality is guaranteed, any form is very easy to use. In fact, feeding most marine fish does not need to be too precise, as long as the specific gravity is between 1.018 and 1.028.

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