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    If you have the ability to raise a Pitbull dog as a pet, you must be a bold person. Pitbull dog is different from other dogs. As a fierce dog, you should pay more attention to its feeding! In the breeding of biting puppies, water is absolutely necessary. A basin of clear water should be put in a fixed place frequently so that they can drink it at will before and after eating and exercising. If the dog can drink enough clean water from a young age, it can make its normal development and gastrointestinal health.
    Especially in summer and autumn, when the weather is hot and the water in the body evaporates quickly, especially for active female dogs, if they don’t replenish the water in time, it is easy to cause water shortage in the tissues, and even cause dehydration, which will affect the health of the dogs. It’s better to let the dogs drink some glucose water (1-2 tbsp of glucose powder, add some clean water) after each daily exercise.
    In terms of feeding management, bitches need more energy than adult dogs, especially to prevent a small number of bitches from overeating, so that other female dogs can’t eat enough. The daily food consumption of each dog depends on the size of the dog, which depends on the observation of the breeder. Generally speaking, from the performance of dog’s eating, we can see the degree of saturation hunger. If the dog eats quickly and swallows with a large mouth, it means that there is no problem with appetite. After eating, the feed left in the food basin indicates that it is fed too much and may be over full. If the dog continues to lick with its tongue on the empty food basin or looks at the owner with expectant eyes, it means that it is not full. It is not suitable to feed and overfill the contrast puppies, and 70-80% is the best. In addition, because the gastrointestinal tract of biting puppies is still in the development process, more attention should be paid to hygiene to prevent gastrointestinal disease.

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