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    How to keep a dog? Because of the inexperience of the first time’s friends, they will inevitably have many problems in raising, such as: what does a dog eat? How to feed the dog? How to deal with these problems when the dog is ill. How many problems do new dog owners often encounter? How should new pets keep dogs?

    1. Can you give the dog milk? There are many kinds of milk, skim milk, whole milk, yogurt and so on. Not all milk is suitable for dogs. To be exact, dogs are not suitable for milk. Because the nutrients in milk cannot be absorbed by dogs. For dogs, the best is milk powder or goat milk.
    2. When do dogs deworming? Deworming is a must for every dog. But the dog just brought home is not suitable for immediate deworming. It is easy to cause the dog to get sick or make the dog afraid of the pet owner, so you should wait for the dog to adapt to the new environment before deworming the dog.
    3. How to bathe the dog? It’s not right that some pet owners can’t wait to take a bath as soon as they get their dogs back. After the dog is brought back, it’s better to let it fully rest and adapt to the environment first. At least wait until 20 days before bathing the dog. Besides, it’s not allowed to use human shower gel for bathing the dog, because the skin pH of human and dog is different. So it’s best to choose a bath gel for dogs.
    4. How many meals a day does the dog feed? The frequency of feeding should be adjusted according to the age of the dog. It’s better to eat 3-4 meals a day for dogs 6 months ago, and 2 meals a day for dogs 6 months later. Dogs are not afraid of hunger, but don’t eat too much.
    5. When can dogs be trained? The best time to train a dog is about 70 days after birth. If the dog is trained too early, it will be affected because its body is not mature. If the dog is trained too late, it will delay the training process because it develops bad problems. It’s very important to grasp the training time. Here’s how new people raise dogs.

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