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    Samoyed dog is coming to summer soon. The high temperature above 35 degrees is a nightmare for people and dogs, especially for long haired dogs. So compared with outdoor baking, most people just want to stay in the air-conditioned room and stay indoors. So when we see the dog panting from the heat, we want him to enjoy the benefits together. But can dogs blow air conditioning?
    But we generally do not recommend this. The reasons are as follows:
    1. Dogs also suffer from air conditioning disease. Dogs are greedy for cold. If they enter the air-conditioned room from the hot outside, they are prone to suffer from air-conditioning disease. The main symptoms are sneezing and runny nose, anorexia and even not eating or drinking. They are similar to the symptoms of cold, but the results are much more fierce. In serious cases, the temperature rises, the breathing and heart rate speeds up, and they will die suddenly if they are not good.
    2. The air in the air conditioning room is not circulating, which is easy to breed bacteria and small dust. Dogs’ noses are much more sensitive than ours, so it’s easy to stimulate dogs to sneeze in such an environment.
    3. Once dogs get used to the air-conditioned room environment, they are reluctant to go out. The ability to regulate and control one’s own body temperature will also deteriorate. In this way, once the air conditioning dependence is formed, the dog’s autoimmunity will decline, and the weak constitution will naturally find the disease.
    4. So in general, don’t let the dog blow the air conditioner. Stay in the natural wind environment and find a cool corner. It’s too hot to blow the electric fan. If you must bring your dog into the air-conditioned room, be careful not to let the dog directly blow against the cold wind, not to let him stay in the air-conditioned room for too long, or frequent access to the air-conditioned room.
    For the sake of dog’s health, we must pay attention to the above taboos, and let the dog who is afraid of heat live a cool summer.

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