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    Many parents in Alaska find that Alaska is a dog breed that is particularly easy to shed fur. Many joking jokes say that Alaska loses fur twice a year, once for half a year. Is Alaska really going to lose so much hair? Is it the same way in winter? Does Alaska lose hair in winter?

    The answer is obvious. Under normal circumstances, this is seasonal hair loss, that is to say, when hair loss is the most serious in spring and summer, basically a handful of hair can be pulled from the back of an Alaskan dog. This is not exaggeration. In summer, the whole house is like snow. But in addition to spring and summer, because of the existence of hair, it is impossible not to shed hair at all, but it will only shed some floating hair. Compared with spring and autumn days, it is just a drizzle.

    If the hair falls off seriously after the fall season, parents should consider whether Alaska has skin diseases that lead to hair loss. Of course, it may also be because of malnutrition in Alaska, which leads to hair loss, but now people’s living standards are generally improved, and the diet of dogs is better, and generally there will be no malnutrition in Alaska, except for the dog food that is fed very poor.

    Skin diseases are divided into two aspects, one is hair loss caused by parasite infection, the other is local hair loss caused by skin infection. The two treatments are very different. For skin diseases caused by skin infection, parents need to buy bactericidal and anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment, while for skin diseases caused by parasites, parents need to first carry out insect repellent in Alaska and then cooperate with skin disease drugs.

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