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    Lecithin is one of the dog hair products, but many breeders will worry about the presence of hormones. The reason why dog lecithin is helpful to coat is that it contains inositol phospholipid, which is the basic substance of hair growth and can promote the growth of healthy hair. In addition, inositol can also convert fat into heat energy for consumption. Therefore, the animal that often uses lecithin, its own fat content can reduce and get the effect of shaping.
    In many countries, dog health care is a common behavior, and health products play a very important role in the healthy growth and development of dogs. In order to improve the health of pets, it is one of the biggest advantages to enhance the immune system of dogs. Lecithin can play a key role in the healthy development of dogs, which is rich in natural antioxidant formula, which can prevent premature aging of dogs, but also can balance the nutrition needed for the growth of dogs.
    Normally, there is no hormone in lecithin, so there is a certain process even for the effect of beautiful hair. If some dog lecithin products are very cheap and can make the coat achieve a better growth effect in a short time, it is better to purchase carefully for this kind of products. For dog hair products to eat a degree, not long-term use. It’s also bad for the dog’s health. If the dog can be fed 2-3 yolks a week with some insurance, it can not only improve the coat, but also don’t worry about the hormone problem.

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