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    Generally speaking, golden retrievers walk in normal posture. If they often pucker their buttocks, it is generally a sign of estrus. But it’s also possible that golden retrievers are playing. Occasionally, this happens. Parents can watch more. Is it oestrus that golden hair often cocks up?

    But if the body language such as bowing back and cocking buttocks appears for a long time, the owner can observe other movements and physical symptoms of the golden hair to determine whether it is really estrus. After the golden hair bitch enters the estrus period, its vulva will look swollen more seriously, and there will be some red things like mucus no The golden retriever looks very excited at this time, especially at home. When the owner feeds the golden retriever, the golden retriever has no appetite, even keeps barking and likes to run out. All of these indicate that the golden retriever has entered the estrus period. If the Golden Retriever is given this time Mate so that the golden retriever can conceive.

    If the owners don’t want the golden retriever to be pregnant when it enters the estrus period, they can choose to wear physiological pants directly, so as to avoid mating. In addition, the health of the golden retriever must be done in place. The golden retriever can be wiped with a cotton stick or dipped in warm water with a towel to clean the vulva of the golden retriever Location, to prevent golden retrievers from getting this red mucus all over the house.

    If you want to make your golden retriever pregnant, you can find a matching male golden retriever to mate during the period of estrus, so that you can get a litter of golden retriever after 2 months. And large dogs usually produce more in one litter.

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