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    Italian Greyhound, as a whole looks very thin, but its body looks very elegant, especially when they are running, it gives people a sense of flexibility and elegance. Do greyhounds run fast? Although greyhounds look thinner, their leg muscles are very strong, and the leg lines are very beautiful, so they run very fast.

    There are many kinds of dogs, the difference of size can be more than 20 times. The maximum height of a dog is more than 1 meter, while the minimum height is only 20 cm; the maximum weight of a dog is more than 140 kg, and the minimum weight of a dog is less than 450 G. Although the physical differences of dogs are large, the anatomical structure of dogs is basically the same. The dog has 225 to 230 bones that form a solid support system, protecting the internal organs and the foundation for fast running. The dog has strong muscles and good durability. The 100 meter sprint record of greyhound dog is 5.925 seconds, which is far faster than the human sprint speed, and very close to the horse’s 5.17 seconds.

    The dog’s endurance is famous all over the world. During the first World War, a herald dog set a record of running 21.7 kilometers in 50 minutes. And greyhound’s limbs are strong and muscular, so it runs very fast. Greyhound has strong limbs and light body, so their running speed is very fast, and the Greyhound is very beautiful when running, which can be said to be a visual enjoyment.

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