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    Does St. Bernard have a strong body odor? In fact, as long as the dog has some body odor problems, but as long as the owner regularly helps them clean up, the problem can be improved. If the dog still smells after taking a bath, you should pay attention to it. It may be that you have neglected some parts of the dog that are easy to miss.

    To avoid halitosis, first remember to brush his teeth and clean his mouth every week. Note that brushing St. Bernard’s teeth should start at an early age, and it needs to be insisted on for a long time, not every day for a period of time, but not for a period of time. In addition to brushing your teeth, you need to pay special attention to your diet. It’s better to prepare some crispy food than sticky food, which can prevent the increase of foreign matters in your dog’s mouth and prevent halitosis better.

    In addition to regular cleaning of the mouth, the ear canal of the St. Bernard needs to be cleaned regularly. Check it every 1-2 weeks, and then wipe it regularly to clean the earwax. When cleaning the ear canal for the St. Bernard, the head and ears of the dog should be stabilized, and the dog should not be allowed to move or shake his head casually, so as to avoid damaging the eardrum of the dog during cleaning.

    Cleaning the anal glands of St. Bernard’s dogs is not something that all parents can do. If the owner can’t finish it by himself, he or she should take the dog to the pet salon, or invite experienced friends to help him, and teach himself how to clean the anal gland for the St. Bernard dog. After the experience is enough, he or she can clean the anal gland for the St. Bernard dog by himself.

    So in general, as long as the owner regularly bathes and cleans his dog, the odor on his body is generally acceptable. If the dog has an unpleasant odor all the time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the dog’s ears, mouth and anal glands are cleaned seriously.

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