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    Border sheepdog is different from human. When we think of the suspected fever in our childhood, the elders at home will touch our heads to see if the forehead is hot to judge whether there is a fever. Do Border Collies have fever if their paws are hot? There are three possible reasons for the fever of the paw of the border shepherd dog.

    1. The temperature is high and the dog heats up through the meat pad.

    2. When dogs have febrile diseases, the pads can also burn.

    3. After dog vigorous exercise, the blood circulation of the meat pad increases, and it will feel hotter than usual. Most dogs have fever on their paws due to one of the three causes. If it belongs to the second category or cannot be distinguished, it is recommended to send it to the pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible without delay. However, there is no direct relationship between the fever of the soles of the feet and the fever, but the fever of the soles of the feet will certainly cause fever. The fever of the soles of the feet is not necessarily a fever. If the spirit is not good, it may also be other diseases, such as canine distemper.

    4. In case of dog paw fever, it is necessary to determine whether the dog has a real fever. Generally, the normal temperature of the dog is between 38 and 39 degrees, and only when it is over 39 degrees 5, it is a fever. If it is over 40 degrees 5, it is a real high fever. If the border shepherd dog has a fever, it should be given a dog specific antipyretic, which can be purchased directly from the drugstore. It needs to be given according to the above contents of the instructions. It is not allowed to use the adult antipyretic, or use the blind way to reduce the fever. Some dogs have fever because of illness. If it is only to reduce fever and not eliminate the inflammation, it will not achieve the best effect.

    So if the dog has hot claws, we should first observe whether it comes back after vigorous exercise. If not, we should also see how the dog’s mental state is. If the mental state is also very poor, we need to take it to the pet hospital to diagnose the problem in time.

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