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    Now it’s the hottest weather. Dogs will choose to hide in the air-conditioned room in order to enjoy the cool. If they have tiles at home, they may lie on the tiles directly. At this time, the temperature of the tiles is very low, which will lead to dog’s cold and diarrhea. Therefore, parents can prepare a mat or dog’s nest in the room to prevent dogs from catching cold. Will dogs have diarrhea when they are cold?

    In addition to cold dogs will have diarrhea, dogs eating unreasonable will also have diarrhea. Some owners may feed people’s food to dogs, or the dog food is not fresh for a long time, which will lead to dog thinning. If the dog is only loose and there are no other abnormalities, the owner can fast the dog first. And if the pet owner has recently changed the food for the dog, the dog has diarrhea after changing the food, which may be that the dog is not suitable for the time being, and the stress reaction causes diarrhea. When changing the food, pay attention to the correct way of changing the food. When changing the food for the dog, feed the dog with new and old dog food alternately, and then slowly change it into new food.

    In the end, parents need to regularly deworming the dog during the process of raising the dog. If the pet owner does not deworming the dog for a long time, there may be some parasites in the gut of the dog, which may damage the intestinal health of the dog, and the dog will have diarrhea. Pet owners can check the dog’s intestines. If there is parasite in the dog’s intestines, parents can give the dog some coccidia to eliminate the parasite.

    If the dog has gastroenteritis, it will also have diarrhea, which is a chronic disease. Parents are required to help the dog to adjust slowly. In addition, canine distemper and parchment. Once it is found that it may be this disease, it must be treated in time.

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