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    Collar is a necessary item for many large and medium-sized dogs to go out. The collar can not only limit the dog itself, but also stop the dog in time if there is a quarrel between two dogs. But many owners are used to hanging collars around their dogs’ necks. Is that right?

    From a scientific point of view, dogs don’t need to wear collars for a long time. For example, when they come home, they can take their collars off and make them free. However, if you are going out, you must wear a collar, and pull the traction rope, to ensure that the dog does not run around when it is outdoors, and it is the safest to control it to stay in its controllable range. You should pay special attention to the collar for your pet dog. If the collar is too tight, it will be uncomfortable for the dog. If the collar is too loose, it will fall off easily. Generally speaking, after putting the collar on the pet dog, try to put two fingers into the collar. If you can put them in without sending them, it means that the collar is just tight. Otherwise, you need to adjust it reasonably.

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