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    Dogs have the same fixed meal time as people. Some owners will give them food as soon as they see the dogs are hungry, which is totally harmful to dogs, because long-term irregular eating habits may cause dogs to suffer from various kinds of digestive diseases, and some dogs will become picky. In order for the dog to live a healthier life, the owner must control the feeding time.

    Generally speaking, because of the small stomach capacity of puppies, the owners can not feed puppies twice a day just like adult dogs. If you have a small dog, we suggest that the owner divide the daily food into four meals to feed the puppies. When the dog is three months old, the owner can change the feeding times to three times. When the dog is an adult, it only needs to feed twice a day. If you have a large dog that is still growing rapidly at eight months of age, the owner has to feed it 3-4 times a day. The feeding time of adult dogs is usually once in the morning and once in the evening. Once the rule is formed, do not change it casually.

    A lot of owners often ask, how much food is the most reasonable for dogs? How much a dog needs to eat depends on its size, exercise, weather, physical condition and some genetic factors. The owner can judge whether the dog is full by observing the eating condition of the dog. When they can’t eat the food in the bowl at a time, it means that you have fed too much; when they don’t leave after eating the food in the bowl, and still have the meaning to continue eating, it means that they are not full. In addition, regular weighing can also be used as a way to determine whether feeding is reasonable. If overweight occurs, the owner will start to lose weight for the dog!

    Finally, it should be noted that dogs should not take them out to play when they are not eating or just eating food, otherwise it may cause gastric volvulus.

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