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    In daily life, in order to enhance our relationship with dogs, we will choose many ways, such as kissing or hugging them. But it’s embarrassing for dogs to have bad breath, and it’s disappointing. What about dogs with bad breath? How to get rid of dog’s bad breath? Following will teach you some tips.

    The best way to get rid of bad breath for dogs is to help them clean their mouths, which is to brush their teeth. At the beginning, dogs may not be used to brushing their teeth, so in the beginning, instead of using toothbrush and toothpaste, we chose gauze and saline.
    First, the owner wraps the gauze around his index finger, dips a proper amount of saline water into the dog, opens the dog’s mouth, gently wipes the dog’s teeth, and pays attention not to use too much force when wiping, so as not to hurt the dog’s gums.
    Later, after the dog gradually adapts to the action of brushing his teeth, we can not change him into a toothbrush, but the toothpaste needs to be smelled and tasted by the dog first to get familiar with it. When using a toothbrush to brush a dog’s teeth, the method is the same as that of human beings. Brush from top to bottom, from left to right, but pay attention not to rub teeth repeatedly. Here’s a reminder to all parents that the toothpastes and toothbrushes used for brushing dogs must be exclusive for pets. If they are not used by humans, they will damage dogs’ gums. In addition to brushing teeth, the owner can also drink a small amount of green tea water for the dog, that is, use the tea bag to make tea, cool it and then pour it into the dog bowl for them to drink. This method, as long as it lasts for one week, can effectively reduce the problem of dog halitosis.
    In the long run, it can also prevent halitosis. But first of all, the owner had better let the dog form the habit of drinking tea or they won’t drink it.

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