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    Many parents let dogs sleep with themselves. Some parents let dogs sleep in their kennels. Do they know the secret of kennels? Parents should pay attention to cleaning the kennel often. Where should dogs sleep? The place to sleep is the last thing dogs need to worry about.

    When some preferred places, such as the master’s big bed, bedroom and so on, are rejected, dogs will use their innate nature to find their own sleeping places at home. If it’s harmless, the host can let it go. There’s no need to change where dogs sleep. Yes, dogs will choose different places to nest in different seasons and weather conditions. When the weather is cold, the dog will choose to stay away from the wind at night and the corner with sunshine in the morning. When the weather is hot, the dog will choose a ventilated, dry and cool place to sleep.

    There is no need for the owner to worry about the location of the “five-star” treatment for the dog kennel, but it will take the owner’s efforts to clean up and tidy up the kennel. They always follow the principle of “digging deep, accumulating food, preparing for war”. The dog’s ancestors lived in the wild day after day. Although it also belongs to the upper class of the food chain, starvation is always inevitable. So dogs often store food they can’t eat in good years. Since there were no safes, warehouses and other things at that time, they could only take the leftover bones back to their nests. For a long time, such habits are integrated into genes. Today’s dogs don’t worry about chaimi, but they still subconsciously take chicken bones, pig bones and cattle bones back to their nests. These bones are bound to attract Xiaoqiang, ants and so on. Plus dog hair, dog dust, will pollute the dog’s nest, affect the health of the owner and family.

    The dog’s nest is also reflected in giving the dog different cushions according to different weather conditions. In addition to the dog likes to sleep on the cold floor in summer to cool down, in other seasons, the owner should give the dog a different mat.

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