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    Although we can’t know the dog’s physical condition through language, as long as we observe more, we can find some clues from their living conditions. Just like the poop of a dog, we can get a lot of information through it.

    1. There are worms in the poop: the common worms in the poop of dogs are Ascaris or pinworms, which are round and long in shape, very similar to the white earthworm. When the insect is dry, its color and shape will be like rubber bands. Tapeworm is another kind of common worm. The breeder usually sees only the segments of tapeworm on the poop of dog. They are like white melon seeds and can crawl, but the speed of peristalsis is very slow. If you find squirming worms on your dog’s feces, find a tool to show them to your doctor, so that he can have a basis and make the treatment process more efficient.

    2. Laxity: the most common reason for dogs to have diarrhea is to eat food at random, usually pulling out watery diarrhea or muddy soft stool. This is the phenomenon that the normal flora of gastrointestinal tract has been changed and the gas producing bacteria have multiplied in large numbers, resulting in the gastrointestinal peristalsis and diarrhea.

    3. Constipation: sometimes I can see the dog’s painful poop. After a long day’s pulling, I finally squeeze out a small hard poop, which is usually constipation. The cause of constipation is usually related to whether you take enough cellulose, whether you eat bones, or whether there is something wrong with the peristalsis of intestine.

    4. Blood Stools: the blood stool can be divided into “upper gastrointestinal bleeding” or “lower gastrointestinal bleeding”. The two conditions of stool are different. Upper gastrointestinal bleeding is usually caused by gastric or duodenal ulcer. If upper gastrointestinal bleeding is caused by bleeding in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, the color and shape of stool will be as sticky and black as tar. This is because a large amount of blood is digested by gastric juice and digestive enzymes, and the iron in blood will be oxidized to black. In general, it is better to take the hospital for examination immediately. This shows that we can learn a lot of information from poop, so we should form the habit of observing more when we keep dogs, which is very good for us to keep good dogs.

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