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    Snacks also play an important role in dog’s life. In the process of dog training, in order to praise and motivate dogs, snacks become very necessary. However, feeding dog snacks also pays attention to methods. Some owners often use snacks by mistake, so let’s talk about the mistake of feeding dog snacks.

    Mistake 1: take snacks as the staple food. The nutrition of normal staple food is relatively comprehensive, but the main function of snacks is not to supplement nutrition for dogs. If you don’t pay attention to it, it is easy to cause the poor situation of pet preference, anorexia and obesity. Living with pets, I can’t help but want to give them some snacks. However, once the frequency of eating snacks increases, there is a risk of falling into “eating only snacks but not staple food”. Once the frequency of snacks increases, there will be a series of troubles. In terms of weight conversion, a dog may be less than one tenth of our human weight, so giving a dog a biscuit is equivalent to eating ten of your own. Therefore, if you give your pet snacks without restraint, it will make the dog happy, but the consequences of such behavior are beyond your imagination.

    Mistake 2: snacks are not selected, and they are optional. For example, some dogs are small or younger, and they are not suitable for eating larger or harder snacks; if they are mainly for training dogs, they are better to take silk as the main food (more economical, etc.); if they are mainly for grinding teeth and strengthening teeth, they are better to take meat twining and chewing gum or granule stick as the main snack. The main purpose of snacks is to increase the happiness of pets and make the owners enjoy happiness at the same time, while the main food is to ensure the health of pets.

    Mistake 3: When snacks eat dog chew gum is the main raw material is cortex, the main role is bite resistance, it is best not to make it eat in the stomach, especially small dogs to pay attention to, not to eat, otherwise there will be life risk.

    Mistake 4: Give people snacks to pets. Snacks can be used for life training and basic training, when dogs do the right prize. Don’t give the dog the snacks that people eat. It’s easy to spoil his appetite. Chewing gum, ice cream, cake, these desserts are better to touch less. On the one hand, they are easy to get cavities. On the one hand, it is easy to get fat. After eating too much sweetness, the biggest problem is that the dog has no appetite for dinner. Chocolate is one! Because chocolate is a poison to dogs. Chocolate is processed from the seeds of cacao tree. It contains a large amount of methylxanthine, a mixture of caffeine and theobromine. Even if the intake of methylxanthine is less, dogs will have vomiting and diarrhea. People will be excited and happy after eating chocolate. However, once dogs eat a lot of chocolate, they will have muscle tremor or even spasm, which will be fatal. In addition, grape is also a fatal fruit for dogs. ASPCA Animal Prevention Center issued a notice to all over the country, asking pet dog owners to pay attention to the fact that dogs may be poisoned or die if they eat raisins or grapes.

    Mistake 5: Give your dog snacks at will. This will make your dog beg for food and harass visitors. Establish a rule that you don’t allow it to beg or steal food. It can avoid many troubles. It’s generally difficult to restrict family members’ feeding at will. Fat free leftovers can be placed in the dog’s bowl for the next meal. But snacks can be used to reward good behavior or to assist in training. Snacks with rewards are more effective than penalties. Snacks are also food, too much snacks will cause obesity, reward snacks should be symbolic, by the owner to the most appropriate. Snacks are just a way of reward or entertainment. We can’t reverse the order of priority and order, let alone get the food in the basket, and feed them everything. This is a great threat to the dog’s body, so we must pay attention to it.

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