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    As time goes on, the warm weather will not be far away from us. On a hot day, it should be a very happy thing for the dog to take a cold bath. We know that dogs are born to be good swimmers, so generally speaking, swimming is difficult for them. But some swimming related matters should be kept in mind by the owners, so as not to see the situation.

    1. Dogs who swim for the first time should observe their water reaction. Although dogs have the talent of swimming, some dogs are inevitably nervous at the beginning because they haven’t been underwater. So many dogs only flutter a few times when they go into the water for the first time, which is actually a psychological demand of dogs. Each dog hopes to play with the owner. The owner can arrange the swimming frequency according to the dog’s physical condition. It is very beneficial to go once or twice a week. As long as you are patient and careful enough, you can learn to swim. Some breeds of dogs are very good at water quality, such as Labrador. If you take it to Labrador once or twice, it will become addictive. However, some dogs have had psychological shadow and are afraid of water, so the owner should pay special attention to it. It is necessary to distinguish whether the dog likes water or is afraid of water. Only after the dog really learns to swim, can it be allowed to move freely. However, the owner still needs to take care of it all the way to prevent accidents.

    2. Don’t swim with your dog in the sun. Although swimming can relieve summer heat, it’s not suitable to swim with your dog at any time. For example, don’t take your dog out at noon, because the sun is too strong, which may cause burns to your dog. In addition, if you go out for a swim at noon, you will have a high possibility of heatstroke. You’d better choose to go out after the sun goes down in the afternoon, which can play the role of relieving heat exhaustion to the greatest extent. For the choice of place, it is recommended not to go to the place where the water is deep and dirty. It is quite dangerous for the owner to take the dog to the place where the water is deep and wide for swimming. The best place is in the swimming pool of some professional training ground, where the water level and water quality are suitable. Be sure to take good care of your dog. Don’t let him run to the water depth by accident. It’s better to tie the chest back type traction rope for him. It’s convenient to rescue him in time in case of danger. After swimming, clean and dry the dog as soon as possible.

    3. Put on the safety equipment to lead the dog to swim. In fact, it’s better to prepare sufficient equipment, including strong water absorbent towel, anti allergy and anti parasite drugs, proper amount of dog food and drinking water. Swimming is easy to infect bacteria, so the owner must do a good job of cleaning after swimming. After swimming dogs must remember to bathe, with clean water to clean the whole body, when necessary, but also with a special cleaner to wipe the whole body, in order to prevent infection with bacteria and parasites. If you go swimming in the sea water, you should also remember to take a bath, because the sea water is harmful to the dog’s skin. If the dog has allergies and rashes after swimming, it needs to be taken to a doctor.

    4. In case of emergency, calm down. Swimming will inevitably encounter some emergencies, such as incomplete warm-up, which may lead to cramps. Once you find it twitching, you have to carry it to the shore. You don’t need to worry too much about the dog’s cramps. Generally, you will recover after landing. But if you often have cramps, foaming and other symptoms later, you should pay attention to whether there are other problems. In addition, the owner should observe the dog’s posture when swimming on the shore. If there is obvious fatigue, don’t let the dog continue to swim tired. Every dog’s physical strength is different. It’s very dangerous to continue to swim when tired.

    There are many breeds of dogs, fat and thin have different characteristics, for some fat dogs with poor physical strength, we should reduce the swimming time. So when the dog swims, the owner should not be too far away from the dog. Always pay attention to the dog’s physical condition and state, and take the dog ashore as soon as possible if there is something wrong.

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