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    Pay attention to the regular cleaning of clothes. The weather keeps turning cold, which also makes us realize that winter is coming. At this stage, dog or cat slaves will start to be strict again. We should not only keep the dog warm, but also pay attention to the dog’s health, travel safety and other related issues. There are also some different problems in different seasons that we need to pay attention to and prevent the occurrence of problems.
    1. We still need to pay attention to the proper exercise. The cold winter makes many owners reluctant to go out, but even so, for the sake of dog’s health, we should take our dog out to do some activities. For small dogs, we can let them play at home to meet the amount of exercise. But for large dogs, the amount of exercise can’t meet their physical needs. It’s not a good thing for them to keep their dogs at home all winter. It’s also good for the dog’s body to go out and adapt to the changes of environment, so don’t neglect the dog’s sports even in winter.
    2. The problem of dog dressing. In winter, some owners will put on carefully prepared coats for dogs, but there are many precautions for even dressing. For long haired dogs, it’s easy to get their coat together when they put on their clothes, so after taking off the clothes for a period of time, remember to help the dog to tidy up the coat, otherwise the dog will easily have the problem of knots. In addition, it should be noted that the dog’s clothes should also be cleaned regularly, and the clothes should be taken out for sun exposure to avoid long-term non cleaning, which may cause bacterial infection to the dog’s skin. In addition, some large long haired dogs do not need to be dressed, and the cold stimulation is also conducive to the growth of the dog’s coat, but only if the dog is not usually spoiled, otherwise it may get sick once it is frozen.
    3. Pay attention to the dog’s paws in snowy days. Many dogs will be very excited about snow, so they will have a good time in snowy days. But we still need to pay attention to the dog’s paws. When the dog comes back, we need to check whether there is snow or debris of foreign matters in the dog’s toe seam and clean it up in time.
    4. Pay attention to antifreeze. In winter, many friends who have cars will add some antifreeze to ensure that the car can start normally, but some of it may leak out accidentally. Or if the owner has antifreeze in his own home, he must take good care of the dog to prevent it from eating by mistake. Even if a small amount of antifreeze is used by dogs by mistake, it will cause great damage to their kidneys. If it is used too much, it will also cause life threat. If you think your dog is likely to be exposed to antifreeze or you are worried about it, you should contact your local veterinarian at the first time. In case of poisoning, the earlier treatment, the less damage to the dog.
    5. Pay attention to some plants growing in winter. Many breeders will also raise some plants in their homes, and dogs will have certain impact on their health after eating some plants. For example, Poinsettia Leaves with bright colors are irritant. Eating them in large quantities will cause damage to dogs. For safety reasons, it’s better to keep dogs away from poisonous plants. Other poisonous plants include holly and mistletoe, including their fruits. Try not to let dogs eat them by mistake.

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